Are There Any NFL Teams Who Have Never Played One Another?

Are there any NFL teams who have never played one another? You might be surprised to learn that there are. These teams have never played one another, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t ever crossed paths. If you’re curious about the history of NFL teams, read on to learn how many teams have never played each other. Here are some of them:

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are a professional gridiron football team based in Cleveland, Ohio. They compete in the National Football League. The team was founded in 1944. The franchise was acquired by businessman Arthur B. McBride. The team was originally part of the All-America Football Conference, and the league began play in 1946. The team’s first preseason game was played in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. The team was a surprisingly successful franchise, winning four NFL championships and one All-America Football Conference title.

The first season of the Cleveland Browns’ existence was a championship. The team was named after head coach Paul Brown, who had previously coached Ohio State to the national collegiate championship. The Browns were part of the AAFC from 1946 to 1949, winning the league title in each of those seasons. The first season of the team’s existence, the Browns went 15-0 and became the first undefeated team in organized professional football.

One of the most intriguing matchups between the Browns and 49ers is a game between the two franchises’ owners. John York and Denise DeBartolo York live in Youngstown, which is roughly 60 miles southeast of Cleveland. Both Yorks are former Browns players. Their daughters played for the 49ers, and they have a long-standing rivalry with the Detroit Lions.

Green Bay Packers

When you consider all the history and rivalries in football, you probably don’t think of the Green Bay Packers. However, the Green Bay Packers are a unique team. Founded in 1904, the Packers were the first professional team to win three consecutive NFL championships. They were the first team to accomplish this feat since the 1929-31 season. Since then, only two other teams have achieved this feat.

The Green Bay Packers are an American football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They have won the NFL championship thirteen times and have a loyal fan base. The Packers have played some of their games in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from 1933 to 1994. However, in 1995, they moved all their games to Green Bay. The Packers’ storied history is evident in the number of NFL championships they have won.

In 2007, the Packers won their first four games and advanced to the NFC Championship. They then faced the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. Although the Packers fell to the Seahawks 21-6 during the regular season, they went on to win their last five games to win the NFC North and gain a first-round bye. The Packers went on to beat the Seattle Seahawks 42-20 in a snowy home game. In the divisional playoff game, they defeated San Francisco 35-14.

Detroit Lions

Did you know there are 31 teams in the NFL who have never played each other? The Detroit Lions and Houston Texans are two of those teams. Both teams have never played each other in the big game. The Cleveland Browns haven’t played the Detroit Lions either. Then there are the Detroit Lions and Houston Texans, which have never met each other in the regular season. The Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots have also never played each other in the NFL.

The Detroit Lions and Tennessee Titans haven’t met on the field since 1934. However, the Detroit Lions have played Thanksgiving games for 84 years now. They have never met in the regular season, so this game was a milestone for both teams. They played each other in their first meeting in 1934 and didn’t lose. It was an impressive start to the NFL. Hopefully, there will be more of these games in the future!

The Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions have never met on the field in the NFL. They were in the playoffs this past season, but lost to the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round. Both teams have overall playoff records of 17-21. The Detroit Lions and the Houston Texans will meet in the playoffs in 2022, which will be the team’s first trip to the Super Bowl since the merger of the NFL and the AFL.

Washington Commanders

The San Francisco 49ers and the Houston Texans have never played each other, but that is not the end of the story. In fact, all 32 NFL teams have played each other at least once. They have never lost to each other, but their record against each other is still unblemished. The game is still a must-see for fans, even if the 49ers don’t win the Super Bowl.

There are NFL teams who have never played eachother, but by the end of the 2006 season, all 32 teams would have faced each other on the field. Moreover, in 2021, the NFL schedule will pair the AFC South and NFC West. By then, the Texans will play all of the teams above, paving the way for the first Super Bowl with the new Houston Texans.

Tennessee Titans

In addition to the recent injury to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, the Titans will be without several key offensive players, including Julio Jones. However, they are on two weeks’ rest. While this could slow the Titans down, the team thrives on rest. In fact, Mike Vrabel’s team is 8-0 when it has two weeks to rest. The Titans are ready for a big game after the offseason.

The Titans began their existence in Jeppesen Stadium before moving to the 70,000-seat Rice Stadium in 1965. The team became the first team to play on synthetic turf in the nation. In 1997, they relocated to Nashville and retired the name Oilers. The Titans went on to win the AFC South Division title and make their first trip to the Super Bowl since 1968. The team has never lost to another AFC team, and their only loss was to the Houston Texans in the 1998 AFC Championship Game.

The Tennessee Titans are the AFC South’s top seed, and they will face the Cincinnati Bengals in the divisional round this weekend. The Titans are coming off a first-round bye and finished with a record of 12-6. Quarterback Marcus Mariota threw for a touchdown and ran for another score in Sunday’s win over the Houston Texans.

The secondary market for NFL season tickets is booming, with prices up 58 percent from last year. Raiders, Buccaneers, Bengals, and Jets season tickets all see price increases in the secondary market. New teams, such as the Raiders in Las Vegas, or the Broncos, with new quarterbacks, are also creating a demand for tickets. Purchasing tickets for any of these teams can be a lucrative investment, as the team is in the middle of a rebuilding process.


NFL tickets have increased in value across the league. The Raiders, Titans, Seahawks, and Bengals are among teams that have seen price increases of at least 58%. Those teams will likely have a limited supply and increased demand, so prices will be higher. The Jets, Broncos, and Colts will also have higher prices, as fans are eager to experience their team live.

In 2019, eight NFL teams averaged a hundred percent capacity at home games, up from ninety-one percent in 2009. This means stadiums are trying to fill as many seats as possible. To do this, they are charging high ticket prices, even selling crazier food and souvenirs. Still, the prices are hard to swallow. What are the average values for NFL season tickets? Before Covid, tickets cost about $258 per game.

If you’re a fan of the New England Patriots, you may consider purchasing season tickets. However, you must understand that it can be more expensive to purchase them than to purchase individual tickets for every game. Season tickets can be difficult to sell, so you must accept this risk. In addition to the high cost of buying tickets, season tickets also come with a number of privileges, including free merchandise and even special treatment from the team.

As you can see, the NFL is a money-making industry. While you might not be able to afford to buy a ticket to a game, you can still save money by sitting at home. After all, stadium seats won’t fill themselves – you’ll have to pay for them yourself. The average value of NFL season tickets is $24,700. This article was originally published in October 2018. It was updated during the 2021 season.


Dallas Cowboys season tickets are expensive, but the price for a single game is much lower. Single game tickets in the lower bowl for home games are sold for $100 to $400 on secondary market. However, Cowboys season tickets include the cost of parking, which is $30 to $100, and concessions, which can range from $6 to $8. Season ticket prices are not listed on secondary market because they are not sold through the Cowboys’ ticket office.

The Dallas Cowboys play in the NFC East, where they regularly play the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Commanders. They are perennial playoff contenders and have fierce rivalries with their NFC East opponents. They will play the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2018 season. Ticket prices will increase as the NFL schedule is released.

The Cowboys moved to a brand new stadium in 2001, which was welcomed by fans. Fans of the team appreciated the air conditioning, which made it much more comfortable to watch games. However, it also means that Dallas Cowboys tickets are expensive – the average season ticket price is around $1000. Despite this, many Cowboys fans are able to afford the team thanks to Jerry Jones’s star power.


The average price of Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL season tickets will increase about 10 percent in 2021. That’s largely due to the Bucs’ signing of Tom Brady in 2020. Ticket prices for season games increased 15 percent in 2019, with more people than ever expected to attend home games. The Buccaneers are expected to continue their recent trend of raising prices for season tickets. In addition to Brady, the team will also have several other high-profile free agents in 2021.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released their 2020 season ticket prices last November. As of that time, the average price of a Buccaneers NFL season ticket is $485. That price puts it in sixth place among NFL season ticket prices. By comparison, the most expensive seats in the NFL will cost up to $1,098 in Las Vegas. However, if you’re willing to spend more than you have to, it’s definitely possible to find tickets for under $120.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been aggressively attacking the secondary ticket market since they did not renew thousands of season ticket holders. Since then, they’ve been pursuing a strategy of market consolidation. A class action lawsuit was filed in January against them and the team has continued to attack the secondary market with full force. Tickets have fallen from over 20,000 to under two thousand in the secondary market, and the average price has gone down as a result.


Tickets for the upcoming season of the Cleveland Browns will average $197, the highest value in the last decade. The lowest average price was in 2017 when the Browns won eight games. However, Browns fans can find affordable tickets by buying them in the secondary market. Next season, the Browns will be playing the Saints, Jets, and Buccaneers. Ticket prices should rise again in 2019 after a disappointing 8-9 finish in 2021.

After three consecutive years of missing the playoffs, the Cleveland Browns are increasing the price of season tickets by $10 per game. This is the fourth consecutive increase in season ticket prices for the team, and fans should expect this price hike to continue. The team has sold out its season ticket capacity in the past three years, and currently has a waiting list of more than 7,500 people. Season tickets are still affordable, starting at just $50 per game. Single-game prices will remain low, but they will go up by about $5 for non-club seats.

The price increase for season tickets for the Cleveland Browns comes after a dismal 2021 campaign. The team has raised prices for tickets for five straight seasons, and this year will be no different. After all, the Browns ended the season with an 8-9 record and failed to make the playoffs. Last season, the team raised the price of season tickets for a segment of their season ticket holders. The increase will continue through the 2022 season, and the team anticipates the price to be in the bottom third of the NFL for next year.


If you are a Houston Texans fan, you know the average value of a Ticketmaster Houston Texans NFL season ticket is $1,050. However, the waiting list is practically nonexistent. If you’re looking to buy season tickets, you should keep in mind that tickets to the team’s games may go down in 2021. After all, the Texans are currently 0-2 and are expected to be worse by then. Thankfully, the Texans’ new general manager, Nick Caserio, isn’t causing any of Houston Texans fans to feel sorry for themselves.

If you’re interested in purchasing a season ticket to a game, the Texans have a waiting list that was set up in 2002. Right now, over 28,000 names are on the list. You may be able to get a ticket after the waiting list opens in May, but the wait time could be longer if you want more than two seats. The wait time is usually around four years.

While the Houston Texans play at NRG Stadium, tickets to home games can vary greatly in price. The cheapest Texans tickets can cost as low as $22 against the Jaguars. The most expensive Texans tickets, however, are those in the top row of the upper level. As a result, the average price of Texans NFL season tickets will probably be around $1,269 next season.


The price of NFL season tickets for the Eagles can vary widely from game to game, but there are some key factors to consider when buying. The average get-in price for Dec. 23 game against the Houston Texans is under $100, while average prices for the Atlanta Falcons game are $569 and up. The two games are rematches of last year’s divisional playoff game and pit the last two NFC Champions against each other. This game is particularly exciting because it’s likely to feature a Lombardi Trophy and the Super Bowl banners are already in the stadium.

Philadelphia Eagles season tickets range from about $60 for lower-level seating to over $2,100 in midfield. Eagles season ticket prices were around $170 to $200 before the team’s Super Bowl win, but have since skyrocketed to $250. Tickets to the Eagles’ playoff games are even more expensive than season tickets, with average prices running $475. You can join the Eagles’ season ticket waiting list online.

For those who are a Philadelphia Eagles fan, the price of football tickets is rising. The team has confirmed price increases for 2018 season tickets. While the prices of most seats are expected to increase by around $5 per game, the price for lower-level tickets could rise by $20 or more. However, the Eagles will likely still be able to sell out their season tickets, based on the demand for the seats. There is a waiting list of over 40,000 people who have registered to purchase NFL season tickets.