Why Does the NFL Keep Pushing Thursday Night Football?

The postponements are a necessary part of the NFL’s schedule to ensure competition. But players from the teams who are postponed have several reasons to complain. Casey Hayward, a Raiders cornerback, implied that the NFL showed favoritism to the Browns, while J.C. Tretter, a Browns center, said the postponements are unfair. The NFL’s general manager, Sean McVay, acknowledged the need to postpone games to keep the games competitive. The Zika virus outbreak has also contributed to postponements, as more players are available to play.


CBS is anxious to secure the rights to Thursday Night Football. It spent $275 million to acquire the rights to the NFL’s Thursday night telecasts. The deal includes a “show me” approach from the NFL, but CBS has to live up to it if it wants the coveted weekly broadcast. With this new deal, CBS will add one of the most important weekly TV programs in America to its primetime lineup.

The NFL is pushing Thursday Night Football in part because of its growing popularity. Last season, Thursday Night Football had its most watched season in history, averaging eight million viewers. That’s an increase of 10 percent from 2012’s numbers. But CBS isn’t backing down. It is trying to keep Thursday nights fresh as much as possible. But critics have had a tough time predicting how many people will watch Thursday Night Football.

The network is trying to boost its Thursday night offerings with the NFL playoffs. If the league wins the Super Bowl, CBS’s ratings will soar. It’s possible the NFL Network will replace Eye promos with local spots. If this happens, it could spell disaster for the network’s other offerings. CBS is betting that the NFL Network will be able to make up for lost revenue. If it loses this deal, viewers may turn to other networks for their live games.

NBC’s Thursday Night Football package has been a long time coming. The NFL Network is also attempting to capitalize on the Thursday night football package by expanding its lineup from eight to thirteen games. CBS is attempting to get a piece of the action, but it has yet to be able to do so. The network has also been looking for another home for Thursday Night Football. In addition to CBS, NFL Network will simulcast eight games during the middle of the 2014 fall season.

NBC has also acquired the rights to Super Bowl LII, but CBS is sticking with the original plan. This means that it’s hard to predict when a new TV network will be acquired. The NFL considers Thursday Night Football as a must-see free TV package for its audience. There’s a growing fan base that will watch the NFL, and this is one way to get a piece of the pie.


Amazon has kept teasing its return to the NFL with a new “Thursday Night Football” package. The new package will cost the streaming giant $1 billion, but will be free to watch in some markets. The catch? Amazon Prime subscribers will need high-speed Internet to watch the game. Before you buy Amazon Prime, you should know how it works. Then, you can watch the game in a variety of ways, including on your TV.

Another key differentiating factor for the new service is that fans can choose which commentators they want to watch the games with. Fans can choose from local commentators to stats-focused analysts. They can also select which teams they want to follow. The broader platform allows fans to see information at their convenience. This way, Amazon will be able to recoup its investment. However, this is not the only reason why Amazon keeps pushing Thursday Night Football.

The NFL announced this week that it has signed a new media rights deal with Amazon that could be worth up to $100 billion. The NFL announced this week that it has signed an agreement with Amazon for the rights to stream Thursday Night Football for the next 11 years. The deal will also cover Black Friday, which is the biggest shopping day of the year. According to reports, the game will likely debut in 2023 but could be delayed until 2024.

In addition to the new rights to carry Thursday Night Football, Amazon’s new streaming service has also locked in an exclusive media deal with the NFL for the first half of the 2022 season. The deal also includes exclusive late-season games. Those rights are an essential part of Amazon’s strategy in gaining access to the Thursday Night Football game. The exclusive streaming rights are expected to boost the subscription numbers of Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

Since the NFL’s deal with Fox was extended, Amazon has been looking for other ways to get a piece of the action. It is rumored that Apple has also been bidding for the Sunday Ticket package for the NFL. A spokesperson for Amazon told CNN that it has “seriously pursued the opportunity to bring Thursday Night Football to more viewers,” and noted that “adding Twitch to the mix will give it an even larger audience.

COVID-19 outbreaks

The NFL has changed its protocol for COVID-19 outbreaks after multiple players on both sides of the line have tested positive. The Cleveland Browns are not the only team dealing with an outbreak, as the Los Angeles Rams and Washington Redskins also had more than 20 players on their reserve lists as a result of the virus. In addition to Odell Beckham Jr., four defensive starters on both teams, including wide receiver Demario Davis, were also placed on the reserve/COVID list. The New Orleans Saints were able to play without one of their two starting quarterbacks due to the virus. The Saints were also missing four starters on the defensive line, including cornerback Kaelin Elliss and safety Malcolm Jenkins.

The NFL has implemented a new policy on COVID-19 outbreaks, requiring players to submit to weekly testing. As a result, more unidentified asymptomatic cases will show up in NFL buildings. The majority of positive cases during Week 15 were asymptomatic and only two players missed practice if they were suffering from a non-COVID-19 illness. As a result, the NFL will begin testing all players for COVID-19 on Mondays.

The NFL originally planned to postpone three games because of COVID outbreaks, but it has now decided to move at least three of them to another night due to the disease. The Raiders’ game against the Browns was moved to Monday night due to the COVID-19 outbreak with the Browns. The Seattle Seahawks’ game against the Los Angeles Rams was moved to Tuesday night. The Washington Football Team’s match-up with the Philadelphia Eagles has also been canceled.

Meanwhile, the NFL is adjusting its protocols following the latest outbreak of COVID-19. As of Thursday, more than 150 players were on the Covid-19 list. The list is maintained by a website called Sharp Football Analysis. The NFL has also made a deal to shorten the players’ quarantine periods from 10 days to five. The NFL is also reducing the number of games that can be cancelled due to COVID.

Amazon’s push into sports

According to a new report, Amazon is planning to buy another football game from the NFL, which it already owns. This could help the company gain a significant audience, especially given the popularity of Thursday Night Football among cord-cutters. But it would also require a major investment, and the NFL has been slow to disclose its fall schedule. Regardless of how many teams are interested in the game, Amazon has a strong position in the industry and has a number of options available to it.

The company has already made other moves to woo Madison Avenue and the NFL to invest in its sports programming. It has named veteran sports journalist Charissa Thompson as the host of the NFL pregame, halftime, and postgame shows. It has also hired Kirk Herbstreit and Al Michaels to call the games, redesigned the NFL’s logo, and sent advertisers boxes of official NFL gear.

The NFL has made a big deal out of Amazon’s ability to make the content available to its customers. The company will launch a 15-game “Thursday Night Football” package on its streaming service in 2022. This is a landmark agreement for an all-streaming service and could become a major source of revenue for the NFL. The deal will pay the company $1 billion per season.

In the end, it seems that Amazon is making moves in the right direction, but will the NFL’s push for Thursday Night Football hurt its own ratings? Perhaps not. The NFL will continue to make the game available for free on local broadcast TV channels in participating teams’ markets. Amazon’s push into sports and why the NFL keeps pushing Thursday Night Football at the same time is far from over.

Regardless of its strategy, the underlying objective of streaming football games is the same: to increase Amazon’s advertising revenue. If they were to acquire another NFL team, it could be an ideal opportunity for the company. With 69 million Prime members in the U.S., they would have more incentive to make such deals. However, for such deals to succeed, the NFL must also change the demographics of its TV viewers. The average age of television viewers in major league sports (such as Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association) is over 50 years old. However, the NFL’s average viewership for Thursday night football games is lower than the average broadcast audience.

If you’re wondering “Who will win the Super Bowl?” then you’ve come to the right place. You can learn more about each team in this article, including their current record, their playoff history, and any other notable news. The Super Bowl is a big deal for sports fans, and the Super Bowl is no exception. After all, there is no better time to make a bet than now.

Los Angeles Rams

With just a few days left to go until the Super Bowl, punters are already trying to predict which team will win it. In 2022, the Rams will make their fifth appearance in the Super Bowl. They last won the title in 1999. This could be the year they finally win the title. The Rams are considered contenders in the NFC West and are favored to win the game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

In addition to Matthew Stafford returning, the Rams have a very solid core of offensive players. Aaron Donald ranked seventh in the NFL in sacks this season and will be a major piece of the Rams’ offensive line. Von Miller is licking his chops to dominate the Bengals’ offensive line, which gave up nine sacks to the Titans earlier in the playoffs.

During the preseason, the Rams have one of the toughest schedules in the NFL. Starting with the Bills, the Rams will play at home in Week 1 before traveling to Atlanta for back-to-back games. They will also play the 49ers on Monday night in Week 4. Then they will play the Cowboys and Panthers twice in two weeks before a Week 7 Bye.

If the Rams win the 2022 Super Bowl, it would mark the end of a storied franchise and cement their status as one of the best teams in the league. Los Angeles is notorious for its self-absorbed superiority, and it draws the biggest names in sports. LeBron James, Max Scherzer, and The Rock would never sign a contract with a team in Cincinnati. Meanwhile, the Rams are back home in their ancestral home, and they assembled a lineup of star power. The Rams’ $5 billion stage makes them a compelling contender.

The Los Angeles Rams have gotten better odds on the Super Bowl this year. The Rams are now -4.5 points favorites and the over/under is 48. The Rams’ odds have gone up from a three-year low to a six-year high, which suggests that they have the talent and depth to win in 2022. As a result, their odds are higher than their recent history of winning the Super Bowl.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals’ season is not over yet, but the team is ready to take on the best in the NFL. Last season’s injury bug is behind them, but they can still make some upgrades to the offense and defense. They’ve signed three offensive line starters. Ted Karras is expected to start at center. La’el Collins and Alex Cappa should start at tackle and guard. Meanwhile, 2021 second-round pick Jackson Carman could start at left guard. In all, five players from the team’s Super Bowl squad will be on the Bengals’ roster.

While the Rams’ offensive line was the Rams’ Achilles’ heel, the Bengals’ defense made up for it. A defense that lacked talent and experience is also a weak point. However, with the help of free agent signings, the Bengals’ secondary is now solid. The Bengals’ offense had been struggling for much of the season, and quarterback Joe Burrow was coming off ACL surgery.

After a disappointing season last year, the Bengals turned their attention to drafting star quarterback Joe Burrow. Burrow, who was a top-five pick in the 2020 NFL draft, has already made his way to the Super Bowl. The team won its division and three close playoff games. With Joe Burrow at the helm, the Bengals can finally go to the Super Bowl for the third time in their history.

The Bengals have won their last three playoff games. The game was a close one throughout, and the Bengals are the first team in NFL history to win three one-score games. This season’s game is expected to be no different. The Bengals were a 3.5 point favorite against the Rams, and a three-point game in the Wild Card round was enough to knock off the Raiders. This season, the Bengals’ offense will be a strong factor in the game, and the Rams will be the underdog.

A win in the 2022 Super Bowl could give the Bengals their first title in nine seasons. The Bengals finished two years ago with a 2-14 record. Their last Super Bowl appearance came in 1988, when the team was defeated by the San Francisco 49ers in the AFC championship game. However, the team was a 20 point underdog. With this win, the team has finally broken that curse. The team will have a chance to go all the way.

New York City Jets

There are a few reasons that I believe the New York City Jets will win the Super Bowl in 2022. First, they have a deep talent pool. They have three first-round picks in the 2022 NFL draft. In addition to Gardner, the Jets picked two defensive ends and a wide receiver. They also picked up a wide receiver, a running back, and a tight end. Finally, they are expected to improve their defense, which will be their biggest challenge going forward.

The 2022 season will be the first year of the franchise’s new stadium, which is expected to hold the game in Glendale, Arizona. The Jets are a low favorite in preseason odds, but have recently acquired a number of talented players. If Wilson can stay healthy and find some consistency, they could be a contender. Last year, they had a very disappointing season, and even though they added WR Corey Davis and OL Mekhi Becton, their offense was less than inspiring.

Besides a young quarterback, the Jets need to make improvements at every position on the field. However, the Jets’ franchise quarterback, Zach Wilson, is set to enter his second NFL season in 2022. If Burrow is a good choice, Cincinnati has turned its franchise around in 12 months, going from a four-win season to a Super Bowl berth with Joe Burrow at the helm.

The Jets’ offensive line has improved this season. Without Makhi Becton, the offensive line ranked 11th last season. George Fant at left tackle and Connor McGovern at center are the two best players on the offensive line. With these new weapons, the Jets have a solid shot at the Super Bowl. They’ll also be the best team in the league at 2022.

As a result of the improved draft class, the Jets have the highest odds to make the playoffs this season. Although the Jets had a disappointing season last year, they’ve improved in recent years and have a very exciting young roster. With a good young roster, they could take a huge leap in year two. If you’re betting on the New York City Jets, I hope you’ll be happy with the outcome of this betting season.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking to earn revenge against the New England Patriots after losing the Super Bowl to the team two seasons earlier. The Patriots, led by quarterback Tom Brady, have undergone a major overhaul since the Super Bowl loss, and the players are sure to be motivated to avoid a repeat. The game will be broadcast on Sunday Night Football, which will only add to the hype, and it could create an instant classic.

The Chiefs moved into Arrowhead Stadium in 1972. It is located at the Truman Sports Complex outside of Downtown Kansas City. The Chiefs’ first game at Arrowhead Stadium was against the St. Louis Cardinals during preseason. The Chiefs went on to win the preseason game 24-14. In the 1970s, Willie Lanier and Len Dawson won NFL Man of the Year Awards, and the team had the second highest winning percentage in the NFL during the 1990s.

The Chiefs have three players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Joe Delaney, Derrick Thomas, and Chris Johnson are the most notable enshrinees, but none are on the team’s roster. The Chiefs also have the second-most players and team contributors enshrined (second only to the Green Bay Packers). Among the Chiefs’ enshrinees, eight players were members of the Super Bowl IV championship team. Three players were inducted after their death.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the favored team to win the 2022 Super Bowl. They are currently 6-5 favorites after beating the Buffalo Bills in the divisional round. The Los Angeles Rams are a 2-1 second-seed. However, a number of teams have a high probability of winning. Tyreek Hill, the All-Pro wide receiver, was traded to the Miami Dolphins after contract negotiations broke down. Despite his presence, Patrick Mahomes still has a large role to play in Kansas City’s offense.

The Kansas City Chiefs are a team that last played in the Super Bowl in 2019. Led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the team’s offense fought off double-digit deficits in the playoffs and a 10-point deficit in the Super Bowl to advance to the big game. Kansas City has a strong core of players and the future is bright for the Chiefs. So, if you’re planning on going to the 2022 Super Bowl, check out the Pro FootballTalk team for more information.